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Building Program

Definition:  A comprehensive set of instructions from the library director, trustees and staff to the architect defining library spaces and sizes based on the service population and data collected from the community.

Service Population:  Calculated out 20 years using information from the U.S. Census Bureau, MetroFuture-the regional plan for the greater Boston Region, Donahue Institute, and non-resident circulation figures.

Town of Sharon 2034 Estimates:

Projected Resident Population                  19,384
Non-Resident Service Pop at 14%              2,714
Total Projected Service Population            22,098


Sep 2014     Library Building and Selection Committee formed consisting of 2 library trustees various town resident volunteers.
Nov 2014  Town Meeting authorization to approve $25,000 as matching fund and to expend grant money (~$50,000)
2015 Create the Building Program which will be used to inform the schematic design.
Conduct surveys, meet with various groups, conduct interviews, hold events etc. to determine Town needs. There is no designation at this point as to the location of the library.  Anyone in Town could be a neighbor.  Any neighbors who wish to be involved in the spaces in the library MUST be involved at this point.  There were no neighbors of 1 School St who actively participated in open forums, or meetings, though it is not known if some filled out surveys.  There was no neighbor participation in the planning and design of the building at 11 No. Main Street
Plan created as to the necessary library elements based on the community engagement process.
2016 An Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) and architect were hired to create a preliminary schematic design based on the building program.  This design, including interior spaces, was part of the grant proposal.  Grant money was awarded for the schematic design and spaces as described in the grant proposal


NO LOCATION IDENTIFIED prior to 2016 as that is not part of the building program, but residents overwhelmingly stated a preference for the library to remain in the center of town.

Very tight building program with no extra spaces, no extra square footage, smallest minimum required to meet Town and Service Population needs.