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The Campaign for the Sharon Public Library

The Sharon Public Library Foundation Capital Campaign was established to allow people to participate in the new Library building by donating funds to augment financing for areas of education; equipment and furnishings; landscaping; as well as special projects that are beyond the Town of Sharon’s funding. The Campaign is a capital effort with the goal of raising $1 million. The Foundation, along with the Board of Library Trustees, will ensure efficient and appropriate expenditure of funds in keeping with the goals and mission of the Sharon Public Library.  Click here to download the Campaign’s case statement.

The Sharon Public Library is committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community by being a center for knowledge, information, entertainment, and transformation. Unlike other municipal buildings, the public library building, contents, staff, and technology are available to all.

Magic happens at the library. Whether it’s reading to Sophie, a three-year old boxer who helps children and teens be more confident in their reading skills, or students receiving tutoring, the library’s commitment to our youth is evident in everything we do. Library resources and services, such as homework help and technology, complement the learning that happens at school.

There is no age limit to education. Patrons of all ages enrich their lives by taking an art or photography class, coming to music programs, participating in health and nutrition programs, or staying current with our technology classes.  Skills such as how to access e-books, e-audio, and e-video; as well as social media and the latest apps, are taught.

The way we access information is constantly changing. Patrons can access the Library’s paid subscriptions to databases such as, Mango language database, Morningstar, Valueline, and Overdrive/Hoopla. Assistance with job search skills and resume building also is available.

Despite everything the library offers, your current library has significant challenges.  
• The building was built for a population of 8,000 people
• The building is not ADA compliant
• Building and site issues include:
   • Cracked main load-bearing beam
   • Hazardous materials including asbestos, lead, and PCBs
   • Skylight and roof leaks
   • Flooding
   • Limited electrical capacity
   • No fire suppression system
   • Inadequate septic
   • No dedicated parking
   • No quiet study spaces or rooms for exam proctoring, group gatherings, or tutoring
   • No ability to expand internet and computer infrastructure