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Update as of 12/10/2021

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on November 18 filed its approval of the zoning relief necessary for the Library Project at 1 School Street to proceed.  A copy of the Approval can be found here: ZBA Decision 1 School Street Library.  The Approval follows a Decision from the Massachusetts Land Court that vacated the ZBA’s previous decision to deny the project at 1 School Street and provided specific instructions for the ZBA to follow upon remand for a new hearing.  Notwithstanding the Land Court’s Decision and the ZBA’s subsequent Approval in accordance with that Decision, two new appeals have been filed in the Land Court challenging the ZBA’s grant of relief for the library project.  For the time being, these appeals prevent the library project from moving forward. The appeals  were filed by Amy Baldwin, 32 Pleasant Street, and Michael Freeman, 66 N. Main Street. Click below to see each appeal:

20211207 ZBA Case 1858 Amy Baldwin     

20211207 ZBA Case 1858 Michael Freeman

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