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Why should I donate money?

Today’s community library is not simply a repository for books, magazines, and videos;  but a resource for information, literacy, lifelong enrichment, and social interaction.  Your donation will help fund items not budgeted by the town;  some examples might include a piano for the Community Room or a 3-D printer in the technology space.  In a world of growing inequality, help bring our community together.  Be a good neighbor!  Donate!

How do I donate?

Checks, credit cards, stocks, and Venmo are all securely accepted.  Please click here for more information.

What is a Naming Opportunity?

A Naming Opportunity is a chance to contribute to the legacy of our new Sharon Public Library by having your name inscribed on a plaque in the library.  There are many different levels of giving starting at $500.  Opportunities abound to put your personal stamp on this wonderful community resource – from a community room chair or puzzles for the kids, to the community room itself, with stops along the way for everything from reading areas to study rooms.  Your contribution will go towards enhancing our library.  Click here to see Naming Opportunities.

Can I make my gift in honor or memory of someone?

Yes!  Naming Opportunities with the exception of the 1000 for $1000 donor plaque may be made in honor or memory of someone.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes!  The Sharon Public Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3).  Your contributions are fully tax-deductible within the limits of the law.

What are the next steps for the Foundation?

Fundraising efforts to achieve our goal of $1 million are underway.  We are conducting a 1000 for $1000 campaign. Additionally there are many naming opportunities available. To donate to the campaign, please click here. If you would like to volunteer to help with the campaign, please email us at or message us via this form.

Where will the new library be located?

The new library will be located at 1 School Street. The new location (visible from the current site) was approved by the Select Board and by Town Meeting vote.

When will the building open and where can I see the progress?

The Sharon Standing Building Committee anticipates an opening in the first part of 2025.  Please see the Sharon Town Website for updates. 

How can I get involved with the Foundation?

The Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising.  Contact us at or message us via this form.

Why is it important to build green (LEED) buildings?

As societies grow and develop, there is a great impact on our natural resources, including energy.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the world’s most widely adopted green building rating system.  By designing and erecting LEED-certified buildings, we lessen buildings’ day-to-day operational costs and save resources. 

The Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program incentivizes LEED Certification by offsetting the cost of green construction at the certification level specified by the town.  Sharon’s project is expecting to obtain LEED Silver Certification.  If this is accomplished, the Town will be awarded an additional $187,149 after certification is complete, approximately one year after the library opens.  Financially, this translates to a potential total grant award of $7,673,092  ($7,485,943 base grant award plus $187,149 for LEED Silver Certification).

How does the new building compare with the current building?

  Current Building New Building
ADA Compliant       X        
LEED Certification (Healthy, highly efficient, cost-saving green building)        X        
Ample Parking        X        
Community Room Available After Hours        X        
Dedicated Tween Area       X        
Dedicated Teen Area        X        
Sized for Sharon’s Current Population       X        
Quiet Study Rooms       X        
Up-to-date Computer Infrastructure       X        
Structural Issues              X
Adaptable for Future Needs       X        
Business Pod for Conference Calls and Video Chats       X        
Large Meeting Room/English for Speakers of Other Languages Room       X        
Self Checkout Station       X        

What will happen to the current building?

The Select Board has created a Library Reuse Committee to help the Town determine what will happen with the current building. Please refer all questions and comments about this topic to that committee.