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Location Identification


2012 Review of all 124 Town-owned parcels.  Weeded out extremely small parcels, easements, etc. to 28 parcels for review to determine if there was a location suitable for a library in preparation for applying for a grant.  Worked with DPW engineering to determine that 1 School St. and 11 N. Main were the only properties that were buildable (not in wetlands, or under restrictions such as conservation, federal, etc.)  Did not look into buying property as the library did not have money to purchase property. Went forward with the project as 1 School St was a viable option, nearly three times the size of the current location.
Jan 2016 Reviewed the parcels again and the only parcels that were available were 1 School St and 11 N. Main St.  Any parcel for the grant would have to be fully available for library use at the time of application.  Therefore, only those parcels that the Town already owned and did not have restrictions on could be used.
Feb 2016 Requested the use of 1 School St for the new library.  Select Board denied.  Wanted 11 N. Main to be the location even though the lot is very small, doesn’t support parking, and the current building already covers much of the lot.
July 2016 All municipal-owned land again reviewed as the Historical Commission denied a renovation for the new library at 11 N. Main St.  No property had favorably changed, thus leaving 1 School St. as the only viable option.
July 26, 2016 Trustees and Historical Commission met with Select Board to explain the need for a new location.  1 School St was requested.
Aug 9, 2016 The Select Board  was unable to offer alternative locations and voted 3-0 to support the use of 1 School St as the location for the new library.