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Scenario B: Town Meeting Size (Does not Satisfy Zoning – see Building Information)

  1. The Feasibility Study is a preliminary schematic design. Upon entering the design phase with the Standing Building Committee additional square footage needed to be added for items such as: interior staircase, self-holds and self-check-out circulation, maneuverability, and exterior visage. 
  2. The length of the building decreased and the widest dimension did not increase from the Feasibility Study.

Town Meeting Footprint

Cost Consequence

1st floor reduction 255 sq. ft.
2nd floor reduction 452 sq. ft.
Total reduction 707 sq. ft.
Total lot coverage reduction 360 sq. ft.
Lot Coverage % 31


OPM and architect fees  $750,000 – $800,000
Construction Savings $164/sq ft  $116,000
Escalation Cost     $520,000
Total cost:      $1,154,000 – $1,204,000